How to Write Critical Thinking Essay | Examples & Guide

How to Write Critical Thinking Essay | Examples & Guide

Whenever you see a new thing or read something unique, you produce some opinions about that item in your mind.

This is all the critical thinking that helps you analyze information. If you follow it in your daily routine, you will be open to different opinions.

Moreover, you can always be ready to debate because you will be able to defend your thoughts.

In this article, we are going to talk about critical thinking in detail and explain it with examples to make things clear for you.

What Is a Critical Thinking Essay?

A critical thinking essay is a paper that tells you an issue and demands a possible solution for that problem, While you write other essays, you start with an introduction that explains the history of the topic.

However, when you write a critical thinking paper, here you start the content with a question and talk about the main problem.

The main theme of critical thinking essays is to polish your analytical and essay writing skills and help you improve in the field of questioning.

More than that, it helps in exploring the point of view of another person and increases your information about the topic.

Importance of Critical Thinking Essay

A critical thinking essay is all about improving your information on a particular topic and avoiding giving negative comments.

It also enables you to present your own thoughts and argue with others on a particular subject.

This element not only helps in updating your information but also helps you in increasing the authenticity of your views about a particular thing.

Here we will talk about critical thinking essay writing in detail and tell you the steps that you need to follow for writing a new essay.

How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay

Unlike other essay writings, you don’t start the critical essay with a thesis. In fact, you will have to raise a question at the start and debate on it.

This is a tricky type of essay where you have to argue on a particular topic and share your thoughts about the topic.

Many individuals face issues while they write critical thinking essays as they don’t have much technique for debating on a topic.

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However, if you are willing to learn the essay of critical thinking skills, we will also give you a complete guide.

Let’s have a look at some crucial points that you need to follow for getting critical thinking essay questions in your mind.

1) Reflection

Reflection is about identifying the main issue and talking about it in detail. So, this is the most important point in critical essay writing that you need to focus on.

At the start, you need to research the main topic on multiple platforms and figure out what the problem people are facing is.

This will give you a roadmap that you can follow to start writing a critical-thinking essay and help you gather ideas about the particular topic.

2) Analysis

Now once you are done reflecting on the problem and getting into its depth, the next thing is to decide what you are doing with that problem and what is the analytical solution of the problem.

It is as much important for you to brainstorm your ideas and check what you can add to the topic to start a debate and share your opinions on that topic.

3) Collect Information

After analysis, you have to go to the search engine and start gathering information about the topic from different platforms.

This is quite an important step because you can’t share your own opinions on the content without having knowledge about the topic.

4) Make Outlines

You should always try to share your thoughts in a proper flow so that the reader can easily understand the main intent of your opinions.

Therefore, you have to add headings and subheadings in the lines so that the readers can remain engaged till the end while going through the lines.

5) Share Your Thoughts

Now comes the most important point where you will have to share your opinions along the lines and debate over them to defend your point of view.

You should have enough knowledge about the topic so you can easily justify your thoughts and convince others with your writing.

Critical Thinking Essay Examples

Here are some amazing examples that are about critical thinking essays and can help you improve your research skill. So, without wasting further time, have a look at critical thinking essay examples.

Use of Drugs in Sports

Writing an essay on sports is always an interesting topic and when there starts some illegal activity in sports, a debate will automatically get started.

Therefore, if you write a critical thinking paper on drugs in sports, it will help you increase the interest of the readers.

Bad Effects of Horror Movies

This is another amazing topic where you have to write about the effects of horror movies on children.

Thoughts on Multicultural Family System

The multicultural family system is always open to the debate topics for everyone because everyone has a unique opinion on it.

So, you must consider this topic for critical thinking essay writing and share your opinion on this topic as well.

Is Gym Really Important?

The importance of gym is another important point that you need to discuss in your critical thinking essay and share your opinions on it.

Everyone nowadays wants to be a fitness freak and here you need to write your views on the importance of the gym on a regular basis. 

Analysis of Your Favorite Book

It can always be an interesting topic to analyze your favorite book and debate over it by telling the positive factors of it.


Critical thinking essay is quite different from other types of essay writing. Unlike other essay writing, you have to start it in an argumentative way.

Here we have provided a complete guide that you can follow for writing a critical essay.

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