Academic Integrity

Essay Lessons is a flag holder of academic integrity and believes that higher education is incomplete without the element of honesty. We are of the view that academic honesty is presentation of one’s own work while giving proper credits to helpful material gathered from work of others.

Interpretation Of Terms:


is a professional academic writing platform which ensures provision of high quality services to students through highly qualified writers and academic experts without tampering with the essence of honesty.


is an individual assigned by essay lessons whose duty is to provide assistance to customers in completing an assignment/essay/paper by providing a sample solution for the given task.


is a person who visits essay lessons and willingly orders professional services and help from our writing experts and tutors to get guidance, inspiration or samples for a certain task.

Writing Service

is a service provided by essay lessons through its writers, tutors and experts on demand of customers while keeping insight into certain constraints including instructions, word count requirements and deadlines, etc.


refers to the sample writing solution delivered by our expert in the form of assignment, essay, research paper, dissertation etc. which shall not be used for financial gains, nor it should be submitted to any academic institute.

Delivery of Writing Service

implies delivery of error-free and unique sample solutions against an order for a pre-decided fee which meets all the requirements given by the customer.


In this document we share the purpose of our service and vision of essay lesson: Essay Lesson is a team of professional tutors, writers, and mentors. We work with the intention of promoting higher education and facilitating bright as well as average students. Essay lessons never encourage trafficking and misuse of educational content. We believe that

Misuse of academic content compromises its integrity and also undermines the efforts of people in the academic community

We don’t allow our writers and experts to promote academic dishonesty in any form whatsoever. We strictly believe in giving appropriate credits to people who came up with original ideas.

Our writers never cheat, plagiarize, violate academic policies or commit fraudulent activities which damage academic integrity or adversely affect the credibility of our company. Our experts belong to the academic fraternity and leave no room for human errors or breach in ethos.


It is passing off someone’s work as your own original creation. This can include words, sentences, ideas, and even direct quotes. Paraphrased content without credits is also considered as plagiarism.


It is copying already published work and using it for personal gains without the permission of the author. Cheating is an example of blatant academic dishonesty.


It is facilitating someone to commit plagiarism or any other kind of academic dishonesty. Collusion might not always be for personal gain but is still unacceptable.

Data Fabrication

It is assisting or direct altering of academic information and records without any authorization. It is also manipulating and transmitting fake academic sources.


It is a false presentation of oneself in a test or exam with the intention of fraud. Engaging someone to present oneself or presenting someone’s work as one’s own submission is academic mockery.

Contract Cheating

It means one has not done academic work at all and has paid someone else to do it on their behalf. Contract cheating is deliberate, pre planned and an intentional commitment of academic dishonesty.

List of Prohibited Task Requests


For Users of Essay Lessons

Our customers are students, researchers, content writers who need assistance while writing on a certain topic. We provide all kinds of assistance in the form of sample documentation with the help of which customers can create their own drafts.

Adjacent to this are some of the points we strongly condemn. Any customer found trespassing these restrictions would be banned from essay lessons. We don’t tolerate academic dishonesty and we will not allow any prospect to get our assistance which conflicts our policies.

task request

We condemn


Completing college assignments or tasks on behalf of other students while hiding your true identity.


Obtaining solutions for your exams, tests, quizzes, labs, or other MCQs even when instructed not to take any assistance.


Manipulating data, facts, figures, information or citations. Creating any paper which misrepresents established facts and proven ideas.


Creating any paper which offends any religion, race, political party or common masses resulting in communal unrest.


Any write-up which promotes plagiarism, collusion, data fabrication and any type of academic dishonesty.


Creating a purely medical or technical paper for educational purposes without solid knowledge, expertise or a degree in the respective field.


Message To Parents and Teachers

Essay lessons appreciates parents and teachers for their efforts in promoting higher education in students. Our global mission is to mentor students and provide them guidance irrespective of their class, race, location, institute or IQ level. We welcome parents and teachers to join us in this mission so that students can get on-stop solutions and a simple guide for their complex academic problems. Essay lessons requests parents and teachers:

To allow students to share their classroom material with our tutors so we can provide them tailor-made solutions.

To educate students and promote the benefits of working with professional tutors and academic experts. Our experts have decade-long experience in helping all sorts of students.

Not to refrain students from getting our professional assistance because we strictly promote and practice academic policies and integrity.

To provide moral and financial support to students so that they can get professional assistance from credible forums. This way they would be intrigued to learn instead of indulging in cheating or data fabrication.


Message to Students

We condemn students/customers to exploit professional services and use our delivered products for any unethical purposes. We don’t encourage using our services to use our material for any activities which conflict with our strict policies, state laws and academic integrity.

Any compliance or leniency will not be shown by our experts to students who have a motive to commit academic fraud or use our services for any illegal activity. The company cares about its credibility and would not allow any customer to stain our reputation. Any conflicts with academic integrity, policies or laws would not be tolerated.

Strict action would be taken against customers found misusing our services.


Message to Experts

Essay lessons is a professional forum which respects and cares for both customers and our experts. We provide attractive compensations to experts on our panel and in return we expect highest quality guidance for students and ethical standards. We are proud that most of our academic experts belong to renowned academic institutes and are well-aware of our policies and principles of academic integrity. Still a few must be followed explicitly;

None of our experts are allowed to aid students in indulging in activities that breach academic integrity and laws. We don’t tolerate our experts indulging in any fraudulent activities, cheating or impersonation.

We don’t allow our experts and tutors to help students enrolled in academic institutes including colleges and universities. This is because there is a doubt that our solutions/samples might be reproduced in these institutes as formal and original submissions to get grades, certificates or any degree.