Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains frequently asked questions with their answers. For any further queries, you can contact our customer support.

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General Questions

New on our website? Find out the answers to the most common questions in your mind here in this section.

Well, we are a widely acclaimed and trusted academic writing service provider. We help students in finishing their assignments before the deadline without putting in any extra effort. Our highly qualified and experienced writers make every tough-looking writing task easy for you.

The answer to this straight and simple question is even simpler: we are the best in the academic writing industry. There are several factors that create differences, yet some are worth consideration like a team of the finest writers, high-quality content, low cost, deadline assurance, etc

Hiring professional help is absolutely legal. We help students in finishing their assignments in a timely manner to meet deadlines through expert coaching and the assistance of subject specialists. We do this assistance by providing them with helping material, writing samples, model papers, and research aid. Is a paper sold more than once?

NO! Each paper we write is strictly produced in line with the instructions of the client. We have no room for this exploitation of students.

Order & Delivery

In this section, you will get answers to questions related to the process of order and delivery.

This is the customer who mainly contributes to the paper's timely completion. Factors like whether the payment was made on time, whether the helping material was delivered on time and whether the customer has responded to the queries of the writer promptly or not affect the time of delivery. Furthermore, this is a human-based organization where we pay attention to each detail to ensure quality. In some rarest events, we may miss the deadline with the intention to deliver top-notch quality content.

Just to save you time, we have devised a very straight and simple order process. This all begins by clicking on the order button on our website that drops you on a fill-in form where you enter all the details regarding your project, word count, deadline and preferred referencing style etc. Once you are done with all the basic formalities, a suitable writer is assigned to you that matches all the prerequisites essential to your unique demand.

After the completion of the paper, we deliver the paper through two channels to ensure the timely delivery of the paper. First, we send it through email to your registered email address. Secondly, the paper is also made available to you in the downloads section of your personal user account on the website.

Quality and client satisfaction

Here in this section, find answers to the questions related to quality matters and client satisfaction assurance.

We have built a dedicated quality assurance department where each paper is double-checked manually and through highly paid tools. Our quality assurance professionals are experienced enough to remove the minutest mistakes. Quality is always our supreme concern and we are highly sensitive to this matter.

Not only us, but any person or the writing company cannot guarantee you this improvement in grades. We provide all the helping material and assistance with a view to helping you finish your tasks in a timely manner. We guarantee to provide one hundred percent authentic solutions backed by standard resources.

If you are not happy with the work or its quality in a rare case, you can file a formal revision request within one month of delivery of the final paper. However, to file the revision request, it is essential to provide us with sufficient proof of the low quality of content or evidence of errors. Your complaint must be backed with solid proof; otherwise, your request will not be entertained.

For the sake of customer satisfaction, each custom paper carries a plagiarism check report with it that is totally free of cost.

Writers Information

In this section, get answers to queries related to writers.

We have with us some of the most experienced and learned writers who hold higher degrees in their relevant disciplines. We prefer Ph.D. doctors and scholars on board. Most of the writers are at least PostGrad and they have all that it takes to be a perfect match to your assignment needs.

Unlike many of our competitors, to prevent communication gaps and to facilitate every customer, we give you the freedom to talk straight to the writer. You can pass on first-hand instructions and information to the writer through the comment section.

As we mentioned earlier, as a professional writing company, we do everything possible to ensure that all your instructions are well put and incorporated into your custom-written paper. You can share the files through the same comment section.

To be precise, you cannot pick and choose the writer by yourself, unfortunately, which has a very solid reason. We are an international writing company and our operations are spread globally. We have a very smart profiling system in place where each writer is profiled and categorized according to his/her individual qualities, qualification, specialty, experience, areas of command and working speed, and availability. Having direct access to writers' credentials, we are by default the best resource to decide which exact writer would make a perfect match to your unique needs. The customer can roughly highlight his priorities for working with a specific writer; we will try our best to arrange the same if the schedule and other constraints allow us to do so. Even if we are unable to do so, we will still come up with a perfect substitute.

Price calculation and payment methods

Here in this section, all your concerns regarding price calculation and payment will be addressed.

Just to ensure transparency, we have installed an automated price generator that calculates the price for each different paper. There are multiple factors that contribute to defining the accurate price of a certain order, mainly depending on the word count and time in hand for completing the paper. Price increases in proportion to increase in the word count. In terms of deadlines, the more time in hand for completion, the lesser the price, and vice versa.

We have integrated multiple payment gateways that are accepted and acclaimed worldwide. You can select any one of your choices from the list and pay through it. Moreover, we do not accept hard cash. We do business only through banking channels and global payment gateways of funds as this facilitates the recording of financial transactions and keeping records. This is further meant for the facilitation of local tax authorities as well. You can pay us through MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, Credit and Debit Card, whichever suits you the most.

You can avail the installment option where the total sum exceeds a thousand US dollars. In this situation, you can formally request customer support for installment option activation. Furthermore, the final paper will be delivered after the hundred percent payment verification.

We are a professional writing company and pursue this as a profession. We have with us the cream of writers who are the highest paid in the industry; additionally, running the company has multiple operational costs, including salaries of staff, buying paid academic resources, premises, and other constant and variable costs. Yet the best part is that our prices are meager as compared to our competitors.

Well, this all begins by formally placing an order on our website. The customer provides us with all the details regarding the project. We assign a writer, discuss your paper with him, deliver the completed paper to the QA department, and after detailed scrutiny, the paper is made available to the customer.

For your satisfaction as a happy client, we offer you a refund in multiple situations where the company fails to provide you with what it committed. Yet, there are several conditions and qualifiers that make your refund request valid or invalid. To know more about these pre-conditions, you can visit our comprehensive, user-friendly refund policy.

We have been working in the industry for quite a long time now and there has never been any instance of exploitation so far. We use all the mediums of payment that are trusted worldwide. Moreover, we do not charge any hidden costs at all. All financial transactions are performed through banking channels or some most credible payment gateways. We never collect direct payments and hence we don’t have access to your financial details of any kind directly or indirectly.

Account security

Get to know more about your profile and user account on the website.

The simple answer to this question is a big NO. As a professional writing company, we value and respect your right to privacy and anonymity. We take all measures humanly possible to protect your data and information from the access of third parties. To know more about this, read our detailed privacy policy.

Again the answer to this question is simply no. Just to ensure your anonymity, we employ the highest standards of cyber security and the most advanced firewall as an advanced security measure. Your information is not shared even with the staff members. Your institution knowing about this fact is out of the question.

Just like any third party, no other user may have direct or even indirect access to your custom order and your assignment specifications in any way.

YES! You have a legal right to get your data permanently deleted from our database. In cases where you have some ongoing projects, you will have to wait until the completion of your projects. But in case you ask us to immediately delete the data, all your orders will be canceled and the progress on your papers will be stopped until the renewal of information.

Your user account is very important and so is the password. It is important to prevent it from the access of others that may interfere. Still, if you forget the password to your personal user account, you can ask the support team or click on the forgot password option and we will send you an email to your registered mailing address. By following a few simple steps, either retrieve or just change your account password.