Essay Lessons – Privacy Policy


This document, designated as the privacy policy of EssayLessons, has details of all policy aspects which ensure the privacy of our customers. These policy statements are developed specifically for the website “EssayLessons.” As a well-reputed academic writing service, the first priority of our company is to uphold and protect the rights of privacy and confidentiality of our customers. This draft will inform customers about all steps we take to ensure their privacy and that of our clients as well as site visitors.

For All Concerned Parties

Anyone who visits EssayLessons willingly and chooses to hire our services must be aware that we gather personal information from our customers in order to get in touch with them for business dealings. The purpose of collecting certain data is to ensure the smooth conduction of business with clients. In some rare circumstances, if the customer has a dispute with our writing service or to improve the user experience for prospects, additional information may also be gathered by the company.

What Kind of Data Do We Collect?

EssayLessons does not collect irrelevant data from customers. We don’t collect pointless information which has nothing to do with the project for which our services are being rendered. In contrast to many other writing services, we ensure that we collect basic information from our customers related to the project only. This includes the subject, deadline, word count requirement, referencing style, etc. As for the customer’s personal data, we collect the following:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Contact Number
  4. IP Address

In rare instances, the company might feel the urge to gather more information other than the above-mentioned. This additional data is used in a situation such as when a customer starts a dispute with the firm.

EssayLessons stores additional information on its servers with the best of intentions. The primary purpose of data collection and retention is to engage with the users, improve their experience, and inform them about deals, discounts, new services, or any other details with the intent of marketing.

How EssayLessons Protect Your Personal Data?

EssayLessons protects information collected from its customers with modern tech and the latest security protocols.

  1. First and foremost, we take control by only collecting data that is pertinent to finish an assignment/task on schedule.
  2. We ensure that we employ cutting-edge security firewalls and follow the most recent cyber security measures in order to completely safeguard user information.
  3. Our website is SSL certified, which means it is a (Secure Socket Layer) protected website. SSL is by far the most advanced data-sharing technique, as it blocks third-party access when customers share or transfer data with us.
  4. None of our employees have access to the personal information of customers through any means. We don’t allow direct access to your information stored on our database to even writers working on your projects.
  5. EssayLessons is a professional writing service, and we don’t believe in nor practice selling or trading the personal data of customers for any personal gains or monetary benefits.

What Financial Date Do We Gather?

All services rendered by EssayLessons are paid for, and each and every transaction is carried out online through secure payment gateways and through banking institutions. We never collect any of your provided financial information because all transactions are made through proper channels in real-time in which the customer and the banking channel are directly involved. Since EssayLessons doesn’t perform any direct financial transactions, we have nothing to do with the financial information of the customer, which is why we don’t collect and store any.

How is the Financial Information of Customers Protected?

  1. First, most EssayLessons refrain from getting directly involved in any financial transactions by customers. We don’t tend to get any information from the customer as they are bound to pay through digital channels, which are impervious to our direct access.
  2. We have a strict policy and ethical; responsibility towards our customers. We don’t access, collect, store, or share the credit/debit card numbers of our customers, which are used for transactions.
  3. Details of the credits purchased by the customers are only shown on their personal accounts on our site. The details of available credits and funds are not accessible to anyone except the concerned parties.

What Kind of Data Is Collected Regarding the Order?

The only important data that EssayLessons collects is regarding the order made by the customer. At the time of placing the order, customers have to provide the following information:

  1. Personal Information (Full Name, Contact, etc.)
  2. Required Word Count or Number of Pages
  3. Topic and Subject of the Assignment
  4. Preferred referencing style
  5. Helping with material/Samples
  6. Deadline

All this information is mandatory that we collect with the intention of executing the order in the most professional and timely manner.

How Order Specifics and Exclusive Rights to Use Paper Are Protected?

  1. All orders are tailored and customized according to the unique demands of a customer. The custom papers created by our experts would only be functional for the person who has paid for them. This is because the paper is created while keeping in mind the individual requirements of the order.
  2. Once the paper is created by our experts, it is delivered to the customer who has paid for it with exclusive rights. These rights allow the customer to personally use the paper as long as the purpose is ethical and doesn’t breach academic integrity and laws.
  3. Once the order has been completed and delivered to the customer, EssayLessons ensures that the solution/sample is not reused anywhere else. We remove all solutions and order details after one month.

What Kind of Legal Protection Do We Have to Gather and Save Data?

Unlike many other companies, EssayLessons has all the necessary legal bases and justifications for collecting and retaining information from customers because the data is collected with the best intentions to serve the customer himself.
First, we collect and store data because the customer enables us to do so. When a customer visits our website and pays for our services of his own volition, this implies that they have given us permission to store their data for professional use.
Moreover, the law requires us to collect and save information from people whom we do business with. Data collection is important because it helps the company document its business-related transactions and keep records of the transactions. EssayLessons is obligated to collect data to maintain its income and taxation records.
Each customer is made aware of these rules before pertaining to and storing any kind of data from them. Anyone who objects to our privacy policies is free to leave our website and not pay for our writing services. We don’t provide services to customers who withdraw their consent for data collection.

Customer’s Right to Access and Remove Information

You, as a customer of EssayLessons, have a right to review your information. With the best intention and knowledge, customers can also change information if it was recorded incorrectly before. There are situations where a customer might demand the permanent removal of their given data. In case the order has not been delivered, the customer would have to wait till its completion. Otherwise, the data would not be deleted, and further services would not be rendered to the customer.
After completion of the projects/assignments, the customers can ask to remove their personal and additional information, which would be entertained by the company. However, the permanent removal of data from our servers would result in the renewal of information all over again the next time they place an order.
Data collection and retention are mandatory to complete every order technically and also by all legal means.

Right of the Company to Modify the Privacy Policy

EssayLessons is a private institute and company. It is the sole prerogative of our agency to partially or completely change its privacy policy. If the company feels the need to revise its entire policy or some parts of it, it will do it without any prior notice to anyone. New policies can also be added to the current draft. However, all concerned parties (clients, customers, employees) would be informed of the changes through proper channels. Usually, if any changes are made to the policies, they are communicated to the registered emails of customers and clients. The company can also highlight any amendments through a banner on the homepage of its site.

Customer Support

Here we have carefully defined all the key points of our privacy policy. Despite stating all the information in detail, there might come a situation where our clients or customers are not satisfied with the given explanations and are eager to learn more about a certain clause or the complete document. In such situations, the consumer can get in touch with our technical team and ask whatever they want about the privacy policy. Our team provides 24/7 assistance to all queries and prospects.

EssayLessons | Refund Policy

In some cases, EssayLessons provides its customers with a money-back guarantee. To get a refund, customers need to submit a formal request through email. Before filing for a refund, it is important that a customer checks whether their request meets the requirements that decide whether their claim is valid or not.

If the claim is valid, you must also meet the criteria that specify how much of the total would be returned to the client. This policy document would go over each of these requirements for eligibility for a refund request of the money-back guarantee.

No Refund Situations

Small Delays

Despite our best efforts, EssayLessons is a human-based enterprise, and human efforts are never impervious to unanticipated events. The company attempts to complete papers on given deadlines by the customers. However, in case an unforeseeable event occurs, it may cause minor delays in delivery. Our company follows certain rules and plans a schedule that helps us complete orders on time; still, there can be small delays due to unexpected and uncontrollable events.

Grade Improvement

The core mission of EssayLessons is to provide high-quality and plagiarism-free solutions to customers. We don’t entertain any refund requests in case a customer pleads that they didn’t get good grades on their assignments or papers. We never promise customers a certain grade; instead, we pledge to provide solutions of the highest caliber.

Unassigned Preferred Writer

Even though our company takes into account the preference of the customer while assigning a writer, it is still our unchallengeable decision to appoint any of our writers for each and every project. In case the company fails to arrange a writer with your preferred style because of unavailability or any unforeseen event, no refund request would be accepted.

Quality-Related Issues

The concept of quality is subjective. Quality is defined differently by different people. The difference in definition and understanding of quality makes it unjustifiable. We don’t allow customers to shred their judgment on the quality of our papers or criticize it in any way possible. The papers created by our writers are first submitted to the quality assurance department. QA agents test the draft for all kinds of human errors and plagiarism, and after their approval, the final paper is sent to the client. EssayLessons entertain no refund requests in case a customer declares our papers to be of low quality. Once the paper gets approval from our QA department, no refund application will be accepted.

Urgent Orders

If a customer visits EssayLessons and voluntarily places an urgent order when the time in hand is extremely short to complete the order, the company doesn’t take responsibility for its quality. The company never guarantees and takes responsibility for providing high-quality solutions in rush orders. Any solutions/papers which are created in a rush might or might not have errors in them. In these kinds of situations, the overall quality of the document is not impervious to human and technical errors. We entertain no refund requests in case quality issues are found in rush orders.

Partial Refund Situations

Order Cancellations

A customer would only be eligible for half (50%) of the requested reimbursement in case they request a cancellation after one of our writers has been assigned the task. Half of the total amount would be paid back to the customer, and the rest would be paid to the writer in terms of their service fee.

If the order deadline has already passed by half and work on the project/paper has been started by our writer, then in a situation like this, the cancellation request by the customer would result in a 25% refund of the total amount paid. Rest would be paid to the parties working on the order as compensation.

Quality Claims

EssayLessons has a team of professional writers, tutors, and quality assurance. We provide the highest quality solutions, and in case a customer claims that our paper is of low quality, their complaint would not be taken as the final judgment; instead, our quality assurance staff would investigate your request in depth. In the case highlighted quality issues are found in the paper by our QA team, the customer can claim up to 25% of the refund.

Not Entertaining Revisions

The company has a clear revision policy, but in case we fail to arrange for a writer or editor to revise your paper because of unforeseen reasons, customers can claim up to a 25% refund from the total order fee.

Plagiarism Claims

EssayLessons guarantees unique solutions to customers. However, plagiarism can occur accidentally in some cases. If a customer claims that our given solution is a duplicate or has plagiarism in it, then they are bound to attach a Turnitin Report, which shows that the paper has more than 15% of plagiarism in it. In case plagiarism is found to be more than the mentioned percentage, the customer can claim up to a 25% refund.

Full Refund Situations

There are a few cases in which the customer is allowed to ask for a full refund. However, note that processing charges will be deducted from the amount of refund.

  1. If there comes a situation where a client asks for the cancelation of an order and the company has not yet assigned an expert for the task, the customer can claim a full refund.
  2. In a situation where a client accidentally orders a service twice, he/she would be entitled to ask for a complete refund.

All of the refund fees, complete or partial, would be paid to the customer in the form of credit in their account wallet. The company would not refund actual cash or make any reverse cash transfers to the customer. The refunded credits can be consumed in future orders.

What Is the Formal Procedure for Filing the Refund Request?

  1. First, a customer should keep in mind that any refund request would only be entertained within seven days of the delivery of the paper. After seven days, no refund request would be entertained whatsoever the situation be. The refund request can be made by contacting the customer support team. The alternate way is to log in to your personal account and file a dispute through the user dashboard. After seven days have passed, the company would only offer free revisions according to the policy.
  2. When the company receives a refund request, our team has the sole right and prerogative to validate your request/application. The case would be investigated, and the team would decide how much amount would be reimbursed in case the request is valid. The process can take up to a minimum of three working days.
  3. Our investigative team has the right to demand any additional information which helps them check the validity of the refund request filed by the customer. In case a customer fails to produce any additional information required by the team, the request will be rendered invalid.

How Much Time Does It Take for Completion of Refund Requests?

Once the request has been validated by our team, and the exact amount for reimbursement has been decided, it can take another three to four working days for the process to be completed. The total procedure can take up to ten working days.

EssayLessons – Revision Policy

EssayLessons, unlike other companies, has the most coherent revision policy. Our revision policy is flexible in nature, and its main purpose is to facilitate our customers. The core goal of the company is to deliver high-quality work to customers and provide them with value for their money. We provide THREE free revisions to every customer, which they are entitled to avail of within 30 days of the delivery of the paper. After 30 days, free revision requests would not be entertained.

(Revision policy time for only Research Papers is 90 days)

Revisions Would Be Entertained in The Following Situations

Incomplete Requirements

In case a customer finds that the paper delivered by our team doesn’t complete the requirements which were given at the time of order, they can ask for a free revision.

Guidelines Not Followed

In a situation where the customer finds that the initial guidelines given were not followed in their true letter and spirit in the submitted paper, they can ask for a revision.

Plagiarism Claims

In a case where the customer complains that the paper has more than 15% of plagiarism in it, highlighted by Turnitin, he can ask for a free revision. Turnitin report must be attached to avail free revision.

Human Errors

In case a customer finds that the final paper solution has multiple spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other technical issues which make it unreadable, they can ask for a free revision.

What Are the Conditions for A Valid Revision Request?

Our revision policy is designed to facilitate our customers in the best possible way. But being customer-centric doesn’t mean that there aren’t some criteria for revisions. There are certain conditions that would determine the validity of your revision request. Below we have listed all the solid conditions when the revision request would be entertained by the company.

  1. First, every revision request made by the customer must be submitted within 30 days of the delivery, except for the dissertation. The company would consider requests for revisions as valid only if they are submitted before the 30-day period and 90-days before the dissertation. In case the customer fails to submit a free revision request in 30/90 days for respective submissions, then he/she would not be entitled to any free revisions; instead, their request would be considered as a new order for which they would have to pay.
  2. Free revisions are only rendered in case the paper submitted by our experts doesn’t follow the guidelines or instructions given initially by the customer. In case the customer demands revisions conflicting with the pre-mentioned instructions, they would not be free. The company would charge separately for the required alterations or additions.
  3. In a case where the customer asks for a free revision because of plagiarism in our submitted paper, then it would be mandatory for the customer to provide a Turnitin report along with the revision email. In case the customer doesn’t provide a Turnitin report which highlights more than 15% of plagiarism, a free revision request will not be entertained. A free revision request would only be entertained in case the paper has more than the standard plagiarism percentage or mentioned limit by the customer.
  4. The company doesn’t take responsibility for any quality issues that result because of the information given by the customer at the time of order placement. It is the sole responsibility of customers to provide us with data that is free of all kinds of human and technical errors. In a situation where the final paper has quality issues because of the given material, the company would charge for revisions/alterations.

What Is the Procedure to File for Revision Request?

Revision requests by customers can only be placed from their personal accounts on the website. To file and complete a revision request, a customer has to log into their account and follow this path:

User Account→ Dashboard→ Order→ Details→ Add Comments

What to Do in Case Your Request Is Not Resolved?

After completing the procedure to request a free revision, you have to wait for at least one day. In case no one from the company responds back to you, and your request is not entertained, you can open a new dispute from the dashboard of your account. Follow this path to open a new dispute for a fee revision request:

Log in User Account→ Dashboard→ Disputes→ New Dispute→ Select Order

EssayLessons always strives to serve its customers with high-quality services while keeping intact academic integrity. The company stands by its policies and abides by all professional rules & regulations. We expect the same level of responsibility from our valued customers.