Terms and conditions

It is essential to read in detail all the terms and conditions of the website, namely “EssayLessons” as this may directly impact your intention to attain any of our writing services in one way or another. Being ignorant of any of the sections of terms and conditions does not give you any advantage over any kind of dispute.


By visiting this website named “EssayLessons”, you are supposed and further bound to follow all the rules and regulations described throughout this document and other policy-related documents mentioned as privacy policy and refund policy. The moment you land on our website and go ahead with an intent to hire any of our writing services, you, by default, agree to all of the terms and conditions mentioned and implied.

These rules are applied to all those who visit the website and avail any of our writing services including our current customers and even to prospects. Being ignorant of any of the terms and conditions of use does not confer any right to exemption or immunity. In a case where any user does not agree with any of the terms and conditions, privacy policy, revision policy, or refund policy, any such user is not allowed to hire any of our writing or guiding services.

Definition of terms

Throughout this document, the user of our services will be referred with multiple names as “you”, “user”, “customer”, “client”. All of these terms are used for those accessing our website and availing any of our writing services. No matter by using whichever means you land on this certain website, you are responsible for following all these instructions.

Submit only right information

This is essential to note before ordering or hiring any of our services; this is imperative to provide us with accurate details and information as this is subject to validation. In a case where a user is found to be providing fake or altered information, he/she will not be provided with any services at all. Even a step further, depending on the severity of the matter, we may go to the extent of freezing and termination of personal website account.

Furthermore, the user will not be provided with a second chance to change or modify the information provided to us. This is why it is important to pay attention while entering the information and ensure that all the information entered is correct to the best of your knowledge. In a case where a user willfully enters false details, he will not be entitled to get or hire any of our writing services. The overall eligibility criterion for availing our services will be discussed below.

Certain age limit

While hiring our services, it is essential that the user must have attained the legal age of 18 years. In a case where the user is below this certain age limit, he/she will not be allowed to avail any writing services.

While entering the details and the information, it is essential to add only accurate and true information. In a case where the user is found guilty of entering fake information, his/her request will immediately be terminated and will not be allowed to proceed with the account login.

Use of content and account creation

All the content that we prepare is meant for guidance purposes only. This content cannot be used on commercial basis and sold to third parties, nor can it be printed or published for selling. Additionally, a single user cannot create more than one user accounts. In a case where a user is found guilty of this, his IP address will instantly be banned and he will not be able to access our website in the future.

Order placement

While placing the order, this is the core responsibility of the user to provide us with accurate information. The information regarding the type and demand of the project, along with the deadline, must be entered correctly as this will have an ultimate impact on the final delivery of the paper. For us, the deadline is the one mentioned in the fill-in form and not the one that you have in your mind or communicated verbally. In a case where you realize that you have made a mistake and want to amend it, this is imperative to contact our customer support and make them note down all the changes that you want to make. If you need to adjust the strength in terms of word count or pages, the additional workload will be charged accordingly.

Below are the conditions where we will certainly resort to strict legal actions.

  1. If we are given false information, your right to order will immediately be terminated and your account will be put on hold until you do not contact the support team and let them know about the true information.
  2. If you have mistakenly entered wrong instructions, you will be entirely responsible for its impact in the final document as the writers are supposed to strictly follow the instructions provided in the order form. If you have provided helping material that contains errors, make sure to immediately contact the customer support.
  3. If the customer has not provided sufficient details on how exactly the paper must be written, or the user intends to increase the word count or number of pages, the earlier mentioned deadline will not be considered and the final delivery may exceed the deadline as well.
  4. In a case where a user files a revision request despite the fact that all the instructions were closely met and no errors were found in the paper, the user will not be entitled to the revision request.


  1. After defining all the aspects and demands of your specific order, you will be provided with a calculated sum to be paid as the price. It is essential to pay this calculated price and only then can you proceed with the order placement. In a case where the user has not paid the sum, the order will be put on hold and will ultimately be deleted or removed from the system after a specific time. Any harm caused due to the delay in the payment will not be the responsibility of the company in any way.
  2. Each order’s estimated price is based on the demand of the client; this estimation is based on the specifics like word count, number of pages, and urgency of the order. The customer is bound to pay this sum first; only then the company proceeds with the order execution.
  3. If the customer files a request for an urgent project and fails in paying the sum of the order, the delay caused by this particular situation will be the fault of the customer and not the company.
  4. We always provide you with the exact amount to be charged; we never have any hidden charges at all. In a case where an overseas international customer is placing the order, the local authorities may or may not charge an additional fee that has nothing to do with our price. In such a case, all the additional charges will be borne by the customer and not the company.
  5. After placing the order and payment approval, you cannot restrict your bank for making the payment. In any such case, we will immediately halt all our services and, depending on the severity of the matter may open a dispute with the customer.
  6. In a case where a customer makes a transaction using any unfair means, like from a stolen credit card, the responsibility will fall on the customer completely and the website will not be held accountable. The moment we get to know about any such illegal activity, we will certainly inform the authorities right away without informing the client.
  7. If the user has filed a case for the refund, the sole rights of the document are, by default, shifted back to us. Rules regarding the conditionality and qualification of refund can be read and found in the “refund policy,” which is again a vital document covering all the aspects of refund disputes.

Revision/editing requests

A customer is entitled to request three revision request within one month of the delivery of the final paper. The revision request can be made in a situation where the final document consists of numerous errors that the customer cannot fix on his own. Additionally, in a situation where the document contains plagiarism content that exceeds the set limit of your institute. It is essential to file the revision requests within 30 days of the delivery; the request received later than this period will be considered and treated as a new order that will be paid.

Grade improvement complaints

The customer will not be entitled to claim any damages in a case where he claims that the grade was not improved as this is never included in our commitment. We never guarantee an improvement in the grade as the content provided is just meant for guidance purposes. If the customer fails to proofread the document and figure out whether it meets the standards of his institute or not, again, the website will not be held accountable in any way.

Testimonials and reviews

All the reviews and testimonials displayed on our website are of real people who availed our services. These are displayed on the website using only the initials of the actual client, preventing remotest probability of disclosure of the personal information. These are used only with a view to offering an in-depth insight into the operations of the website and customer satisfaction. If any client finds it to be inappropriate or just wants this to be removed from the website, he/she can formally complain to our customer support. That specific review or testimonials of the objecting client will be removed.

Third party links

As a very basic and common marketing practice, our website may contain some third party website links that are not directly related to us in any manner. So in such case, a visitor landing on any third party website will entirely be responsible for all his actions, transactions, discussions, or business whatsoever. We DO NOT endorse any of these random websites at all.

Things to remember

This is the sole prerogative of the website to change/alter any sections or entire terms and conditions. We may implement these changes in the privacy policy and refund policy as well.

The company can display these changes as a notice on the website or may also inform the users individually as well; if found appropriate or necessary, it is important to keep visiting the website and your registered email address.

Failing to access any of these changes will confer no legal right to the customer for any legal proceedings or to be considered in any court of law.