How to Write an Argumentative Essay

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

So do not worry; we are here to guide you on argumentative essays and how exactly you may need to write them, depending on the type of information you want to convey.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail an argumentative essay, the types of writing styles, and how to write an argumentative one.  

What’s an essay, and what includes in an argumentative essay!?

An essay is a piece of writing that illustrates or presents a narrative, an experience, or information based on the author's perspective or the facts and data that are provided. 

Essays can vary in length and structure, depending on the author and the essay they are writing.

It is essential that the author present his/her arguments clearly and maintain their opinions by consistently demonstrating a firm form. 

Although writing an argumentative essay is neither difficult nor simple, you should be fine if you can effectively argue your points and convincingly present your opinions simply and understandably. 

As the name of the genre suggests, all you have to do is inform the reader with credible facts and help them comprehend the opposing viewpoints. 

Note that essays can be either formal or informal.

Essays with academic characteristics that discuss serious topics are formal in nature, while informal essays are those that have a personal or relaxed tone. 

Different natures of an Argumentative Essay

Before you get into the main essence of the argumentative essay, it is very important that you first understand the different natures and purposes of writing used in an argumentative essay.

This will direct you to write much more effectively and help you compose your essays appropriately.   

1. The Persuasive Nature

Argumentative essays are generally of a persuasive nature and are unlike other essay styles where the aim is generally to get information or engage the audience.

Writing an argumentative essay that has a strong persuasive essence can be challenging because the author must convince the reader to support their point of view or an argument. 

This essay aims to persuade the reader in any way possible. To ensure that the reader will take your essay seriously, use a professional and persuasive tone when writing it. 

2. Critical Analysis Nature

In terms of the critical analysis nature of the argumentative essay, the author must completely rely on critical analysis to explore their narrative and/or whatever type of information they convey. 

The main objective of this nature within the argumentative essay is to analyze the other side’s argument.

The writer must assess the information's context and concisely and clearly convey those findings to the reader.   

3. The Expository Nature

In a sense, expository refers to explanatory content, meaning the type of writing that analyzes and clarifies a particular topic or issue. 

Expository essays provide the reader with information in a clear context that will help them understand the narrative. 

Some essence of the expository nature may be included within the argumentative essay but it is not always a fact…… 

Whatever the conditions of the essay are, make sure to pick and base your essay on the nature, theme, and subject's writing requirements.  

Here is How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays must have a clear framework to make them simple for readers to understand.

An argumentative essay's objective is to succinctly describe a point of view, a line of reasoning, and supporting details.

The logic and arguments must be appealing in this kind of essay.

An effective argumentative essay should have the following format:

1. Introduction Paragraph

Your essay's first paragraph should state your thesis, introduce the subject, give readers the background knowledge they need to grasp your argument, and lay out the supporting details.

2. Thesis Statement

The initial paragraph of your argumentative essay must introduce the subject, give background details that are important to comprehend your argument, list the supporting details, and explain your thesis.

3. Main Body

An argumentative essay often has at least three or more paragraphs that provide supporting evidence for your topic.

The topic sentence of each body paragraph, which should address a new viewpoint or some proof of evidence, should succinctly and clearly state why the audience should support your position.

In the body paragraphs, you should provide proper examples, studies, analysis, statistics, and text citations to support your points.

Address opposing arguments and refute them, or clarify why you disagree.

Gaining the reader's trust requires factual presentation and considering a subject from all sides.

4. Conclusion

The conclusion is the paragraph that combines all of the points stated in the main body of your essay and restates your thesis.

A strong ending will appeal to the reader's emotions rather than add fresh information or more arguments.

Some authors will utilize a personal narrative to illustrate how the subject directly impacts them.

In as much as you may want to convey your ideas, it is essential that you make your readers understand them.

You may already know that argumentative essays are a great way to do just that. 

However, to make your readers understand your ideas, you not only have to write but also structure your argument in the most effective ways.

Here are some elements of an argument:

1. The Claim 

The claim is the point targeted by the writer on the opposing side, it is what the writer is trying to argue or clarify.

• Additionally, there are 5 types of argument claims. 

1. The Fact

It is whether the claim presented is accurate or not.

2. The Definition

The definition within the argument’s claim you are presenting, as defined by the dictionary, with your understanding of it.

3. The Value

The significance and value of the claim are within your argument.

4. The Cause and Effect

The causes of the issue in your essay as well as its consequences.

5. The Policy 

What action should the reader take after reading and understanding the claim, and why should they care about it. 

Usually, the claim is made in the introduction and repeated at the conclusion.

2. The Reason

Within this element of an argument, the writer provides reason/s to support his or her point and clarify the claim.  

3. The Evidence

The evidence is the facts, statistics, surveys, quotations, etc., used to clarify a reason/s that support the argument. 

The content in the body is structured as a list of arguments backed up by facts.

4. The Counterclaim

The counterclaim is by the opposite side and serves as a counterargument. 

5. The Rebuttal  

It responds to the claim's criticism and disproves or refutes the counterclaim.  

Further paragraphs must illustrate the counterclaim and rebuttal in arguments incorporating them.

These 5 elements complete an argument. 

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It may feel challenging to write an argumentative essay, but writing it well is not difficult. 

In fact, the best way to write an argument for any type of essay is to learn as much about your topic as possible. 

This way, you will be able to analyze the other side's argument and clearly present your own. 

Through this, you will also be able to debunk any unfounded claims that the other side may make and make your own case more compelling and convincing to your readers.

The type of essay you choose may determine the nature of the argument.

While some examples of an argumentative essay are expository or expository-style, others may be expository-style, persuasive, etc.  

The goal is to persuade your reader to support your point of view and argument. 

While an expository essay can help you with that, an argumentative essay will go a step further by engaging the reader in the process of making a decision or reaching a conclusion.

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