How to Write a Research Paper

How to Write a Research Paper


This detailed guide provides step-by-step instructions from experts on how to write a good research paper that will make a change both in your grade and expertise.

Research papers are highly regarded in the academic community and essential to the Ph.D. curriculum.

To earn their grades, students and research experts publish their findings in prestigious papers.

The published research work also carries a lot of weight when applying for admission to prestigious universities.

Here, we list the tried-and-true methods for publishing research papers or reports.

Here is the Guide on How to Write a Research Paper

Writing a well-thought-out and detailed research paper is no child's play.  An excellent research paper demands a lot of work and brainstorming.

This paper is bound to take you through sleepless nights, but not if you use this guide well.

The main aim of a research paper is to contribute knowledge and information to a particular area of interest. 

Analyze and Understand the Topic

Carefully go through this part of the process, as it is a must that you properly understand and analyze the topic at hand.

If you are given a free hand on the selection of the topic, then you may choose whatever subject that you are comfortable with. 

Make sure you cover the entire intent of the subject you chose or are given. You must explore all the aspects of the topic and have adequate knowledge of it.

Stop wasting your time and look for another topic if you are having trouble finding sufficient, high-quality information.

Find a topic that is both broad and contains a variety of intriguing problems.

While a solid theoretical foundation is crucial, however, concentrating on particular issues will enable you to make a unique contribution.

You can write up all the related points and connections that the topic may have. 

With this, you can find interesting and worthy information to present in your research paper. 

Identify and Collect Data

Now it is time to put the research work and ideas from the previous steps into words. 

You can do this in any of the following ways:

This is the most important first step before producing any research paper. While doing this, think carefully about your research and use the methods below to find out if it will work:

  1. Research the subject of your paper online (Use Google and other browsers).
  2. Read previously published material on the field. (Check for published articles, videos, reference books, newspapers, and documentaries)
  3. Recognize the scientific jargon and words used in your research. (Use Dictionaries, Thesaurus or Encyclopedias)
  4. Participate in conferences, workshops, and discussions on relevant topics or in similar disciplines.
When you have identified the correct and relevant source of information, you can then start collecting the specified data that you require for your research paper. 

The more sources that you use to gather your data, the better it is. 

As more credible sources can provide you with different points of view that you can analyze to make your own points. 

For extra help and assistance, try a research paper writing service that provides you with professional samples and guides. 

Start your Research Paper 

When you are really ready to write your research paper outline.

 Here are a few things that you have to write at first: 
  • Write an Abstract

The page header should be included on an abstract page. 

Without using bold, formatting, italics, underlining, or quotation marks, center the word "Abstract" on the first line of the abstract page.

Start the next line with a brief review of the main ideas explored in your research. (Skip the indent.)

In the Abstract section, you should give a brief summary of your research topic, research queries, participants, methods used, results, analysis of the data, and conclusions.

The abstract of your research paper should be a double-spaced paragraph.  The word count for your abstract should range from about 150 to 250.

You can break down this section by mentioning each line from each section. 

The Abstract statement also acts as a short hook for the audience and clears the main intent of the research paper.
  • Write a Thesis Introduction Statement
A thesis introduction is the first solid start of your research paper and demands considerable attention and care. 

The main purpose of the thesis introduction is to inform the reader regarding different aspects of the research paper.

It helps you give the reader a bit of an overview of the research paper and the direction that the paper is to follow. 

You must ensure that your introduction is strong and covers all the main points of the research paper. 

Try to define all the major characteristics of the paper in the thesis introduction. 

Do keep in mind that both the Abstract section and the Thesis introduction are presented at the start of the research paper. 

They both provide the reader with a brief insight into the paper but are presented differently. 
  • Start The Main Body Paragraphs
Now, this part of the research paper is relatively simple and similar to the 5 paragraph model generally followed in academic writing.

The simple 5 paragraph model contains the following sections:

  1. The Introduction 
  2. Paragraph 1
  3. Paragraph 2 
  4. Paragraph 3
  5. The Conclusion 
Our research paper follows a pattern with more sections other than these 5. However, the rest are similar.

The elaboration of your Research and its results and findings must be presented in the body paragraphs of the research paper. 

This is the part where you have to add supporting evidence to your claims. 

Make sure to create separate headings if and when necessary, and keep your paragraphs connected and structured with what you are discussing. 

Make sure that you follow these points in this section:

  1. Use succinct and uncomplicated sentences when composing the research paper's body paragraphs.
  2. Do not forget to add your citations and reference them properly. 
  3. Use an active voice and a straightforward structure when expressing your ideas.
  4. It is preferable to write an outline before starting the paper, which must follow a clear but straightforward structure. 
  5. Verify that you are staying on topic by looking at your paper's title, sections, and subheadings.
  6. Make a connection between your abstract, thesis introduction, body, conclusion, and the research paper's topic.
  • Create a Conclusion
Pay close attention to the conclusion because it will summarize the whole paper and help the reader get a complete sense of your research. 

The conclusion also carries utmost importance from a different perspective. 

The aim of the conclusion is to review the main points of the research paper.

A conclusion might also go into more detail about the significance of the work or make recommendations for uses and/or solutions.

Do not reproduce the abstract in the conclusion section, as that is supposed to be a completely different section.

If you are stuck somewhere and need some additional help, you can head to a reliable essay writing service for guidance. 

Here are some SOPs that you must keep in mind before you submit the paper: 

  1. Get your research paper peer-reviewed and proofread.

  2. Is your thesis concise and easy to understand?

  3. Is your paper well-structured, with logical transitions from section to section, and does it flow from start to finish?

  4. Do your ideas flow logically from paragraph to paragraph?

  5. Have you stayed away from generalizations in favor of facts and details?  

  6. Do your arguments backup and demonstrate your main point?

  7. Has unnecessary repetition been avoided?

  8. Are you citing your sources correctly and completely?

  9. Have you done any unintentional plagiarism checks?

  10. Before submitting your paper, double-check the requirements specified by the professor.

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