How to Make an Essay Longer Without Many Efforts?

How to Make an Essay Longer Without Many Efforts?

When you are writing an essay or an assignment, it takes a lot of time to complete the task.

Even after typing for hours and adding all important information, there is still a chance that the word count requirement will be incomplete.

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Here in this guide, we have discussed a few smart tips that can help you make your essay drafts longer without any struggle or in-depth research.

Easy Ways to Make Essay Longer with Words

To make a paragraph longer or to increase the overall length of your essay, it is best that you try out these simple yet effective ways.

Revisit the Essay Prompt/Requirements 

It is quite common for students to miss minor requirements in the prompt they are given.

In case you don’t know how to make an essay longer after writing, then it is best that you check out the requirements and see if you have missed anything.

After reading the requirements, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did I answer all the questions asked in the prompt?
  • Did I add references for all information you have used in the essay?
  • Did you complete all requirements for the essay?

If you have missed any minor and major detail, then it is best that you go back to your draft and revise.

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The sample solution would surely help you know how to make your essay longer.

Spell Out the Numeric Figures

In academic writing, there are four kinds of formatting and editing styles. These include AP, APA, MLA, and Chicago.

Now each one of these styles has different guidelines regarding the use of numbers.

In APA and MLA writing styles, you can spell out numbers instead of using numeric figures. This way, you can easily make paragraphs longer without actually adding any more information.

Before you follow a specific writing style, it is important to check the given instructions or mentioned requirements in the essay prompt.

This would help you write in the style you are asked to from the very start.

Avoid Using Contractions 

One of the best ways to make your essay longer is by ditching the contraction words. In formal essay writing, you must never use contractions.

Contractions are short forms of words like don’t,” “can’t,” and “shouldn’t.” Instead of using these words, it is best that you must switch them with their full forms, which are “do not,” “cannot”, and “should not”.

If you are confused about how to write a long essay, then avoiding contractions is a good idea.

Use Multiple Examples Instead of One

In essay writing, it is important that you give argumentative examples in your content body. Usually, giving one example with every argument is enough, but in case you don’t know how to make a essay

longer, then it is best to use multiple examples instead of one. Adding relevant examples would surely help you reach the word count requirements. 

Add Expert Quotes for Validation 

If you want to know how to make a paragraph longer describing a specific point, then it is best that you include relevant quotations to support it.

Adding quotes from a journal, news article, book, or any trusted web source would help you increase the word count and also boost the credibility of your findings. 

To add quotes, you need to spend time on ample research. If you are given a short deadline, then it is best that you order essay writing service and get your sample solution delivered on time.

Professional essay writing teams like EssayLessons would know how to make essay longer with data-backed research.

Use Transitional Phrases Where Necessary 

It is true that using small and crispy sentences is the best policy in essay writing. But in case you have completed all requirements and still don’t know how to make your paper longer then it is best to
use transitional phrases. 

These are phrases that can help you connect sentences with each other. Some of the common transitional phrases include “on the other hand”, “moreover”, “furthermore”, “read on”, “even though” and many others.

Adding these would not only help you increase word count but also make the text easy to read.

Expand Your Intro and Conclusion 

Introduction and the conclusion are the two parts which can be expanded as per your ease.

In the introduction of the essay you have to explain in detail about the things, the reader would find in the main body.

Here you can highlight the problem statement and you can also entice the reader by giving them an idea of solutions you have.

In the conclusion you can add a complete list of points, you have discussed in the essay body. You can easily make your essays longer with this technique.

Even after expanding the intro and conclusion, if you are still behind the word count limit and don’t know how to make an essay longer with words then it is best to consult a professional essay writer. 

Ask for Professional Help 

The above-mentioned steps would surely help you increase the word count of your essay to some extent.

But sometimes you have to write an essay on topics which don’t have much available information. So increasing the word count can be a really challenging task.

If you don’t know how to make essays longer by yourself then it is best to order an essay writing service from the experts.

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The sample solutions can be used for personal guidance. You can easily find relevant information in the samples and know how to make a paper longer all by yourself. 

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By following these ways, you don’t have to think about how to make an essay longer anymore and can easily fulfill the word count requirements!

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