How Do Essay Writing Services Work?

How Do Essay Writing Services Work?

Students from all across the globe have to write essays, assignments, and other academic papers.

Now, most students today face problems in creating academic documents and delivering them on time. This is usually because of

short deadlines or not-so-good writing skills.

To overcome complex problems, students try different ways to complete their work on time. Some would even plagiarize, which is highly unethical!

One of the best ways to complete academic writing projects on time is by taking help from a professional essay writing service.

There are tons of writing services working around the world, and it is important for you as a student

to only connect with the one which is reliable and trustworthy.

A very common query that you might also have in your mind is how essay writing services work! Well, in this draft, we are going to discuss the working of a professional essay writing service.

In this post, you are going to find everything you need to know about an essay writing service. Let us dig in with the basics:

What Is an Essay Writing Service?

For those of you who don’t have any knowledge about essay writing services, you should know that this kind of service is actually a company or a website that would create sample solutions for you.

A student or customer simply connects with the company, provides the details of the paper/test/assignment, and pays them for a sample solution. 

Once the customer pays the price for the services and provides all relevant details, the company will assign the job to a qualified writer or tutor.

The writer would always be specialized in the subject area of the order.

Some essay writing services would allow customers to choose a writer, whereas some would designate a writer by themselves. 

The level and quality of services depend on the type of order placed by the customer.

However, know that the sample solutions submitted by the company are unique and free of petty human mistakes. 

How Do Digital Essay Writing Services Work?

Here we have explained the working procedure of an essay writer company step by step. First, as a customer or student, you have to connect with an affordable essay writing service.

You can place an order on any device you want as long as you have a browser and a stable connection.

Essay writing services work through these stages:

Stage 1: Order Placement

The first stage is where the customer (you) requests services and places the order. Now to register an order from the customer, the agency would need some important details.

The things you need to provide to the company in the order form include the following:

  • Information about the country of your study

  • The topic of the assignment/essay/paper

  • Type of service you want to get (essay writing/case study/assignments/question solution/etc.)

  • You have to select the subject area relevant to the writing project

  • Customers also need to mention the number of pages or required word count 

  • The deadline also needs to be mentioned. A customer can usually request a submission within 12 hours to ten weeks, depending on the nature of the job

  • Other than that, customers also need to mention the referencing style they want to use and the number of references they want to add

  • All instructions or requirements given by the teacher/instructor must be given to the agency 

Other than providing information about the order, a customer also has to provide personal details, which can help the agency contact them.

Personal information would include the full name, phone number, email, and password they want to set for the specific order.

Stage 2: Payment for The Order

Once the details are given to the essay writing service, the next step is making the payment. Customers need to pay for the order to get the work started.

The price of the order/service depends on the subject, service type, word count, and, most importantly, the given deadline.

Essay writing services would give an estimated price for an order before you give any details, but the accurate figure can only be generated once the customer provides all relevant details.

Now once the company has given the total price, including taxes and delivery date, the customer needs to pay it.

The payments are made through secure channels. Customers can pay for their orders with PayPal, Visa card, Maestro, and other popular digital means.

Once the payment has been received by the company, the work on the order will start. 

Stage 3: Selection of Writer

After payment, the company would assign a writer or group of writers who would be responsible for completing your order.

Some companies might allow customers to select a writer of their choice from a list of team members.

All of the information and details given by the customer would be forwarded to the assigned writer, who would have expertise in the subject.

The writer/s would do extensive research, find relevant facts and figures, and would use all important information to compile a professional solution against your order.

The solution created by the writer would fulfill all requirements stated in the order details. Once the writer completes the draft, it will be forwarded to the department of quality assurance.

Stage 4: Proofreading and Quality Assurance 

The solution created by the writer is first submitted to the quality assurance department.

Here a team of experts would cross-check the solution with the given requirements of the customer.

Other than checking the requirements, the experts would also scan the solution for plagiarism and any human errors.

If all the requirements are completed, the solution is free of human errors, and the percentage of duplication is less than the mentioned limit, then the solution will be passed on to the customer.

In case the solution is not passed by the QA department, it will be reverted back to the writer for revision.

Stage 5: Delivery and Revisions 

The last stage is delivery. Once the solution for the order has been checked and passed by the QA department, it will be delivered to the customer.

Essay writing services have a strict delivery and revision policy. The work is always delivered before the given deadline. 

After delivery, the customer is given a one-month period in case they need a revision.

Usually, essay writing companies offer two to three revisions for free in case any requirement is missing. In case any additional content needs to be added to the sample solution, the customer has to pay for it.

After one month, the writing service will not be responsible for any changes whatsoever. 

How to Choose the Best Essay Writing Service? 

There are dozens of writing services, but not all of them are credible. When it comes to academic writing and assistance, customers should always choose a reliable service.

Here we have discussed the criteria that can help you choose the best writing service to complete your work:

• Look for A Mature Service 

Whenever you want to get academic writing services, you have to make sure that you stay away from companies that have just started their services.

You should pick a mature writing service that has been in the business for a while.

This way, you can find out about the experience of previous customers and can also be sure that they will be around to deliver your orders!

• Check for Guarantees

Students should always find agencies that would provide them with certain guarantees along with services.

A credible writing service would always at least give quality and refund guarantees to their customers.

We would suggest readers find a service which provides a money-back guarantee. 

• Consider the Price Bracket

Academic writing services come at a certain price. Now students usually cannot afford expensive services, which is why it is important to check out how much the service is charging for a basic sample solution.

It is important for customers to ensure that they would get top quality against a certain amount. One should always go for an affordable writing service.

• Always Dig into Policies

Before choosing an essay writing service, you must also read its policies. Companies providing digital services usually have hidden policies regarding payment and personal information.

Before engaging with a company, it is important for you to ensure that they would not misuse your data. 

Go for a service having a clear privacy policy.

It can take a lot of time for you to find a credible writing service manually as you would need to consider all these suggestions cum criteria.

You don’t have to worry about finding the best writing help agency anymore, as we have listed one popular option for you! 

EssayLessons is your last-minute academic writing help. The company is not only mature but is also well-reputed in providing quality writing services. 

Anyone who wants to get personalized writing help can connect with this agency in less than seven minutes.

Some of the reasons why we suggest readers try this company is because they provide the following:

  • Error-Free Sample Solutions

  • Timely Submissions at reasonable rates

  • Zero Plagiarism Issues

  • Tailored-made solutions against given instructions

  • Team of professional writers and tutors

  • 24/7 customer support 

  • Free revision policies 

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Private and secure

EssayLessons is one of the best essay writing services that you can find online.

Here you can pay an affordable amount to a professional tutor or writer and get sample solutions for your assignments and essays.

People who are confused and don’t know how to solve their papers can get help from this company. 

EssayLessons has a team of professional writers and a complete quality assurance department that makes sure that all orders given by the students/customers are completed on time and in perfect quality.

Some of the services you can hire the company for:

1. Essay writing

2. Homework sample solutions

3. Dissertation help

4. Course work solutions

5. Assignment Help 

6. Research Paper Writing 

7. PPT Presentations

8. Report Writing 

Before paying for an order, a customer can connect with the support team of the company and get answers to all possible queries.

The company has very good reviews and a 100% success rate, so you should definitely try its services.

5 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Money with a Writing Service!

To avoid losing your money while getting writing services, it is important to follow the advice we have given here:

• Always Trust Reviews of Previous Customers

Before ordering a solution from a writing service, it is important to take the word of people who have already paid for their work.

Check out the review section of the website. This way, you would know if there are any red flags.

• Choose an Expert Writer or Tutor

When you are hiring a professional writing service, it is always important to check whether your work is being assigned to an expert.

You have to find the best person for the job and try to stick with them if you have any future tasks.

It is better to build connections with people who actually have expertise in the subject you need help in.

• Always Give Tighter Deadlines Than the Actual One

Whenever you are hiring a company for professional writing services, it is important that you set smart deadlines.

If you have seven days to complete a task and submit it, then you need to make sure that you give three or four days at max to the writer who is going to prepare your solution.

This way, you would have the work delivered on time even if there are delays, and you would also have room for revisions and improvements.

• Always Provide Complete Instructions 

If you don’t communicate instructions and complete the requirements of the paper at the time of placing the order, then you will end up paying more in the revision stages.

This is why it is important to share every material you have related to the paper/essay/assignment/report!


An essay writing service would surely provide you with tailor-made sample solutions for the question papers or assignments you have given, but the work delivered should always be used for guidance and help.

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