120+ Dissertation Topics Ideas For 2023

120+ Dissertation Topics Ideas For 2023

If you are about to finish your degree and step forward to obtain better grades, you will first have to submit a dissertation essay that will decide your academic fate.

The reason is that this paper will be based on the original research that you have conducted on a particular topic. Therefore, you can never afford mistakes at this stage.

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We will also give you the topic ideas in this article so you can easily select the subject of your choice on which you can share your ideas.

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic?

Before you start writing the essay, the most important thing is to pick a topic on which you have strong research.

This is a tricky task as you can get confused while choosing the theme. 

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However, to make it easy for you, we will also discuss some top ideas so you can learn how to find a dissertation topic.

Without wasting further time, let’s dive deep and have a look at the list of some top dissertation topics.

List of Best Dissertation Topics You Need to Know

Here is a list of some best topics for a dissertation that can help you write a better research paper. Have a look at this list.

Dissertation Topic in Accounting

  1. Can a computerized system replace the accounting system?
  2. Prediction of new professions in the accounting field
  3. Role of the accounting department in the business plan
  4. Risk factor analysis and accounting
  5. Things to focus on while you investigate the financial departments
  6. How accounting is being affected by the cryptocurrency
  7. Is the accounting department needed in small businesses?
  8. Who investigates the accounting department and checks the records?
  9. New revenue streams for banks
  10. Systematic examination in the finance market
  11. Accounting system in the construction business
  12. Is the accounting department really a need just hype?

Dissertation Topics in Education

  1. Social media impact on education activities
  2. How to stop harassment cases in educational organizations?
  3. The burden on students and how they can avoid it?
  4. Education and extra activities
  5. Importance of self-education for the students
  6. How technology has created ease in the education sector?
  7. Students covering their educational tasks using online technology?
  8. Awareness in the schools and colleges
  9. Group studies positive factors
  10. Avoiding cultural systems in education and treating everyone equally
  11. Online education or face-to-face study?
  12. Educational tools and their use in this field

Dissertation Topics in Computer Science Field

  1. Computer technology and its benefits in our daily life
  2. Automatic control systems
  3. Role of technology in business
  4. Developing a mobile application for blood donation
  5. The algorithm used in the parking system
  6. Is technology replacing jobs?
  7. How computerized cars are making driving easy?
  8. Everything can be processed from a single room using technology. How is it possible?
  9. USB transfer model
  10. Tracking the parcels from your computer and reducing your headache
  11. Cyber security for a common person
  12. Graphics and visual computing 

Management Topics for Dissertation

  1. Personal management in the organization
  2. Effective ways to improve competition under your management
  3. How do fitness freaks manage their diet?
  4. Managing climate change in the best possible way
  5. Large organizations and the role of management Tools
  6. Management teams in the construction field
  7. Handling the environment of the organization in a unique style.
  8. How to organize student affairs in the best way?
  9. Research on the person managing the system
  10. Influence of top management on organization growth
  11. Agile project management
  12. Management ethics

Dissertation Topics in Marketing

  1. Strategies needed to promote the product in an appealing way
  2. Marketing plans for small business
  3. AI marketing and its advantages
  4. Difference between traditional and digital marketing
  5. Marketing tool's role in promoting a brand
  6. Big data future in the marketing field
  7. Advertising strategies in the vacations and stand out from others
  8. Marketing campaigns in the small organizations
  9. Is it effective to promote the product on social media platforms?
  10. Social media marketing helps to increase the brand awareness
  11. How do sales get boosted with effective marketing?
  12. Raise influencer marketing

Psychological Dissertation Topics

  1. How to prevent stress because of workload?
  2. Career strategies for women
  3. Effect of inflation on the psyche of a common person
  4. Rising awareness of mental health issues
  5. Does society pressure affect your mental health?
  6. How a person behaves in quarantine?
  7. Psychology of people on racism
  8. Transgender mental health problems and causes
  9. Gaining weight can affect your mentality
  10. Factors that affect the self-esteem
  11. Social media is affecting the users' psychology
  12. Effective ways to get happiness

Dissertation Topics for Law Students

  1. Consequences you can face after spreading a fake news
  2. International law on the self-determination
  3. Freedom of expression. Is it really happening?
  4. Punishment for keeping illegal weapons
  5. Law of omission
  6. Gender equality and its implementation
  7. What does the law say about harassing a man?
  8. Regulating cryptocurrency
  9. Breaking the rules while driving
  10. Legal framework for starting a new colony
  11. Law for those who commit suicide
  12. Domestic violence in the developing countries

Architecture thesis

  1. Computer visuals use in the architecture field
  2. Modern-day architects in UAE
  3. Transformation of urban areas in the 21st century
  4. Case study on modern designs of the cities
  5. Wooden use in the buildings
  6. Recycling the material
  7. Family house design
  8. Latest furniture designs you should see
  9. Religious architect in Great Britain
  10. Usability of a commercial architect
  11. Concept homes in American families
  12. Applying numerical techniques in construction 

Dissertation Essays on Sociology

  1. Drug addiction in the young generation
  2. Black lives matter impacts the racism
  3. Religious war and its effects on the new generation
  4. People prefer money over comfort
  5. Taking a loan from banks
  6. Public VS private education
  7. Floods affecting families over the globe
  8. Low income makes people depressed
  9. Single parent stigma and its effect on children 
  10. Using alcohol for a long time and its negative effects
  11. Scholarship policies investigation and students’ interest

Business Sector Dissertation Topics

  1. Small business impact on exports
  2. How to get more clients when you start a business
  3. Tourism helps the small businesses
  4. Employee mental satisfaction or their salary? What is more important?
  5. Internet banking makes business transactions easy
  6. Impact on business in Covid-19
  7. Leg pulling in large businesses
  8. E-commerce in business
  9. Generation X and millennial generation comparison
  10. Consumer behavior. How to improve it?
  11. Human resource management in business organizations
  12. Organizational behavior changes and their impacts on employees

Bottom Lines

It takes a lot of time and effort to choose a handy topic on which you can write the dissertation topic. Therefore, we have provided you with a list of some effective topics that can help you.
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