Best 100+ Opinion Essay Topic Ideas

Best 100+ Opinion Essay Topic Ideas

Keeping your creative energy flowing all the time is very challenging. 

Most often, students experience different roadblocks on their writing journey.

Some of these writing blocks are:
  • Shortage of time
  • Inappropriate writing skills
  • Rejections from the literary works
  • And a lot more
College and university students are quite familiar with opinion essays.

However, when they are assigned opinion essays, they need to brainstorm a unique topic for the essay.

Great opinion topics are like a great prompt that tells you precisely what the paper is about.

Unfortunately, many students struggle to find amazing opinion writing topics.

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What are some good opinion topics? Here is a list of opinion essay topics!

Choosing excellent opinion paper topics is simple and easy. 

As a writer, you do not have to conduct thorough research before you can come up with a great topic. 

But you need to visit multiple scholarly sources and include pieces of evidence in your opinion essay. 

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You should select a topic in which you are interested. These are good opinion writing topics you can select:

  1. Why should students grade their teachers?
  2. Does technology really help students?
  3. What will be the role of robots in the future?
  4. How does the gym help students to perform better?
  5. Which politician would you award a prize to?
  6. Why do the majority of girls fail in Mathematics?
  7. What is the best way to eliminate corruption?
  8. Why is freedom of speech necessary in this era?
  9. Why should there not be a limit to freedom of speech?
  10. How do you see socialism?
  11. Primary reasons for Cold War
  12. Role of whistleblowers in our society
  13. Pros & cons of monarchy in modern society
  14. Benefits of learning history
  15. What are the reasons behind World War 1?
  16. What is the role of America in World War 1?
  17. What are the reasons behind World War 11?
  18. What are the effects of Pearl Harbor?
  19. Why should the minority be allowed to vote?
  20. Why should laws be equal for everyone?
  21.  Why should smartphones not be allowed in the classroom?
  22. Why do we need more ecology education?
  23. Is punishing learners in school wrong?
  24. Should professors punish college students?
  25. The best alternative to GPA
  26. Pros & cons of socialism
  27. The benefits of liberalism 
  28. Why should abortion be banned?
  29. Should women be given access to abortion?
  30. What should the government do to stop human trafficking?
  31. What made it possible for Nazism to grow in Germany and for the Holocaust to happen? How can these terrible things not happen again?
  32. How has television influenced people’s behavior?
  33. Where do you want to spend your life? In a small town or a big city? Why?
  34.  Why should smoking be forbidden in restaurants? 
  35. Why should students be taught sex education in college?
  36. Why should physical punishment be banned in schools?
  37. How do the internet’s benefits outweigh its disadvantages?
  38. Discuss the narcissistic personality of Hitler 
  39.  How do you see Joe Biden as an American president?
  40. How does climate change make life more complicated?
  41. What are the primary effects of global warming on biodiversity?
  42. Can you trust your company’s voting system?
  43. Should students be assigned too much homework daily?
  44. Pros & cons of doing too much homework
  45. Why should the government ban fast food near colleges?
  46. Why should students not be allowed to use laptops in colleges?
  47. Poverty in India 
  48. Child labor in India
  49. Child labor in Mexico 
  50. The role of mother in parenting
  51.  Why should education be free for everyone?
  52.  Impacts of social media on students’ lives
  53. Is the dog a good pet?
  54. Is sushi unhealthy?
  55. Is fasting really necessary to stay healthy?
  56. Why should all dating apps be banned?
  57. The significance of personal perception 
  58. The best way to stop racism 
  59. How to increase productivity in the office?
  60. What are the causes of autism?
  61.  What are the advantages & disadvantages of distance learning?
  62. What are the causes of autism?
  63.  Has the internet ruined the record libraries?
  64. What are the advantages of online streaming?
  65.  How do games and sports reduce anxiety?
  66.  Why should you learn Spanish?
  67.  How can you eradicate racism in the United States?
  68. Love in Shakespeare’s sonnets
  69.  Effects of pollution on education 
  70.  Does technology have more harm than benefit?
  71. Why is the youth attracted to cigarettes?
  72. Should citizens reserve the right to have weapons for self-defense?
  73. Should nurses be paid as much as doctors?
  74. What is the role of the prime minister, in your opinion?
  75. Why should academic institutions depend on technology?
  76. Why should our country import electric cars?
  77. How the rain affects the mobile network?
  78. How to avoid school conflicts?
  79. What are the causes of domestic violence?
  80.  Do you think all bureaucrats are corrupt?
  81. Why should all citizens be trained military?
  82. What are the disadvantages of cold drinks?
  83. Why do the Americans take the incident of 9/11 personally? What is your point of view?
  84. Why should your country reform its military policy?
  85.  Why should students visit museums?
  86.  Importance of learning English Grammar
  87.  Why should marijuana not be legalized?
  88. Is the Big Bang Theory a lie?
  89.  Do you think TV does more harm than good?
  90.  Is family planning necessary?
  91. Experts believe that globalization has pros and cons. State the pros and cons as per your opinion. 
  92. Over a few decades, it was observed that people moved from villages toward cities. What are the primary causes of this move? 
  93. Is celebrating birthday parties a waste of time? What is your point of view?
  94. Many primary students are overweight. What has led to this most common problem amongst primary-class students? Suggest more proven measures to resolve this issue.
  95.  Fast food is becoming cheaper in many countries. Why should it be banned?
  96.  Some students do not perform well in school but achieve success in life. What is significant in life-performing in school or being successful after school?
  97. With the advancement in the field of the internet, people nowadays started to communicate with others online rather than meeting them face to face. What are the advantages and disadvantages of online communication, in your own opinion?
  98.  Does technology play a major role in minimizing crime rates?
  99.  Studies show that poor people are more likely to be involved in serious crimes than white-collar workers. Do you agree?
  100. Why should you take advice from the older ones?
  101. Most people get married at the age of thirty. Is it a positive or negative development? What is your point of view?
  102. Almost all teenagers nowadays own a mobile phone. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the smartphone. 

Up to You

Students who face difficulty with getting ideas for good opinion topics can find the above list helpful in coming up with topics for opinion writing.

With these easy opinion essay topics, you can get an idea of how to select topics for an opinion essay.

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